Dr Julie Casaer

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I am Dr. Julie Casaer, born in Ypres, living in Brussels for 5 years and working as a family doctor in Sint-Gillis since 2018.

I have always been interested in everything, and this was also the case in medicine, hence my interest in the broad view that one should have as a general practitioner. I have been a beauty enthusiast since I was young and since I met Dr. Broeckaert, we started to take an interest in aesthetic medicine.

My aim is to bring aesthetic medicine closer to the patients through correct information, common decisions and a lasting result.

It is useful to extend the principle of evidence from medicine to aesthetics, so that time, energy and money are not wasted on things that have no proven improvement.


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Nous aimerions jeter un nouvel éclairage sur les injectables utilisés dans les procédures cosmétiques telles que le botox, les fillers et autres petits miracles