Botox _1

Botulinum toxin

Muscle relaxant to reduce wrinkles and lines


Hyaluronic acid fillers

Volume restoration and contouring

PDO threads

Tread lifting and skin tightening

Fils PDO


Radiant and more even skin



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This is your first contact with aesthetic medicine.

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In this session, we apply the treatment as determined during the previous consultation.

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Only botox

This session is intended for people who come only for botulinum toxin injection and who have had this treatment before.

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A few weeks after the surgery, follow-up will allow us to evaluate the result and complete the treatment if necessary.

I had a wonderful experience at Lumeninjectables. It was my first time using a filler and Dr Ophelie Broeckaert surprised me with her knowledge of non-surgical aesthetics and her professionalism. She answered all my questions and solved all my "little" problems with the right product. She also took into account my comfort during the different treatments. I am very satisfied with the results and will continue with Lumeninjectables.
Florence, 50, Brussels
For the improvement of my skin, I have already undergone 4 treatments with prp plasma and 1 wire lift to lift the cheeks/midface. I always want to try new cosmetic treatments. For the first time a skin treatment I am really excited about! Doctor Broeckaert advised me to have 3 prp treatments in the beginning, one per month. After the first treatment, I already saw a real improvement in my skin, with the fine lines on my cheeks and around my mouth already diminishing a bit. After the 3rd treatment, everything started to look really nice! After all this, an additional treatment "thread lift" , one-off and does its effect for over a year, which was the finishing touch for me. The professional explanations also contribute to this very positive experience.
Yves - 47 - Brussels
In 2021, aged just 63, after a full and professional info from Dr Broeckaert, I had my first thread lifting treatment performed. After more than a year, still very satisfied with the result. In the course of 2022, botox injection and fillers, always with the necessary feedback before and during the session. For a fresh and very natural-looking update of the skin and face, I highly recommend the treatments at the Lumen practice.
Martine, 64, Zemst
In 2018, I was introduced to botox for the first time. I don't like needles, but Dr Broeckaert immediately put me at ease and the injections were over before I realised it. She first indicates the dots with a pencil and then injections are made. The doctor gave a very clear and complete explanation, step by step. I went back after 3 months and since then I have been able to leave longer periods in between and my face has adapted somewhat to using botox at regular intervals. In 2021, I had fillers placed for the first time, at the level of the temples and nasolabial folds. Of these, the result is immediately visible, it looks very natural and I was therefore very satisfied with this choice. I can still see the difference after 1.5 years.
Céline, 35, Mechelen

Breast implant safety

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We would like to shed new light on injectables and cosmetic procedures such as botox, fillers and other minor miracles.


Our mission is to make cosmetic procedures more accessible to everyone. We like to be clear, simple and efficient.


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Nous aimerions jeter un nouvel éclairage sur les injectables utilisés dans les procédures cosmétiques telles que le botox, les fillers et autres petits miracles